Contoh Soal Unit 3

Choose the correct answer!
1. The student are getting the lecturer ... the schedule.
a. change     c. to change
b. changing  d. changed
2. All people make the new leader ... the need for justice and equality.
a. emphasize     c. to emphasize
b. emphasizing  d. emphasized
3. The instructor had the trainees ... a project report.
a. making     c. made
b. make       d. to make
4. The speaker is getting the audience ... to his speech.
a. listen        c. listening
b. listened    d. to listen
5. The new government will have the budget of education ...
a. increased        c. increase
b. to increase     d. increasing

Choose the letter of the underlined word that is not correct
1. Luis got his sister read his class assignment, and then asked her to write the report for him
                                A                                                                      B                            
because he did not have enough time.
C                                      D
2. The director had them to work committees to plan a more effetive advertising campaign
                                        A                             B           C
for a new product.
3. James' lecturer had him to rewrite his thesis many times before allowing him to present it
                                             A                         B                          C                      
to committee.
4. I always go to the hairdresser's to have my hair to cut every month.
                  A                                 B                      C          D
5. Why don't you make her doing it herself.
      A              B                   C            D
6. Hendry always gets the room cleanly every day.
                             A        B         C         D
7. Father will have the mechanic repaired my care before I use it tomorrow.
                  A                                 B            C                 D
8. The police officer had the suspect to fill the form.
            A                  B            C       D  
9. Nadine usually gets the women sweep the floor in the morning.
                  A         B                     C                            D
10. Father will have the room clean before the guests arrive.
                        A                    B                   C            D

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Structure and Written Expression

Peluang Bisnis PayTren
Structure and Written Expression
    Unit 1. Reflexive and Emphatic Pronouns
    Unit 2. Modal Auxiliaries
    Unit 3. Causative Verbs
    Unit 4. Subjunctive
    Unit 5. Tenses
    Unit 6. Passive
    Unit 7. Subject-Verb Agreement
    Unit 8. Parallel Structure
    Unit 9. Comparatives
    Unit 10. Conditional Sentences
    Unit 11. Anticipatory It
    Unit 12. Conjunctions



Dalam unit ke 3 ini teman-teman seperti biasa harus menghafalkan beberapa kata sebagai berikut ini.

Dari gambar di atas bisa dilihat terdapat tiga kelompok warna yaitu merah, kuning, dan hijau dengan terdapat empat kata disetiap kelompok warna. Sedangkan rumusnya sebagai berikut :

Pada contoh nomor 1 dijelaskan jika manusia ketemu manusia dengan kata penghubung dari kelompok have/make maka menggunakan V1, untuk nomor 2 jika manusia ketemu manusia dengan menggunakan kata penghubung dari kelompok kata get sama menggunakan V1 tapi ditambah dengan to jadi to V1, dan untuk contoh nomor 3 jika manusia bertemu benda mati dengan menggunakan kata penghubung have/make maka menggunakan V3.

Contoh Soal Unit 2

A. Choose the correct answer!
1. The theory of Continental Drift assumes that ... there long term climatic changes in many areas during the past.
a. must have been   c. must be
b. must have           d. must
2. The general public ... a large number of computers now, because prices are beginning to decrease
a. must buy                  c. must be buying
b. must have bought     d. must buying
3. A fish must constantly ... water in order to keep a current flowing through its delicate gills.
a. gulp          c. gulps
b. gulping     d. to gulp
4. The prices of homes are so high in urban areas that most young people cannot ... to buy.
a. to afford       c. affording
b. affords         d. afford
5. The great apes, a generally peaceful species, ... in groups.
a. would rather living              c. would rather live
b. would rather they live         d. would rather lived

B. Choose the letter of the underlined word that is not correct.
1. Because doctors are treating more people for skin cancer, it is widely believed that changes in
                                     A                                                                       B                 C
the protective layers of the earth's atmosphere must produced harmful effects.
2. Sagebrush flourishes in the dry soil of the western plains, where many other plants cannot
                            A               B                                                         C                      
3. People would rather to hear the positive things being talked about than the negatives.
        A                          B                           C                                                 D
4. Some astronomers contend that in ancient times, the Big Horn Medicine Wheel,
an arrangement of tones in Wyoming, must have serve as sighting points for observations of the
                                             B                        C               D
5. The Amish People, descended from the German and Swiss, would rather using horses than
                                                                                                                 A                B
machines for transportation and farm work because they believe that a simple life keeps them
closer to God.
6. In today's competitive markets, even small businesses had better to advertise on TV and radio in
            A                                                                                            B                            C
order togain a share of the market.
7. Some plants produce irritating poisons that can affecting a person even if he or she merely
                             A                                              B                        C
 brushes againts them.
8. India must not treated the Eurozone crisis lightly, even though the crisis may appear to be
                          A                                        B                                                            
 playing out at distance.
     C                    D
9. There are certain things you should not shared on social networks for your own safety.
              A                        B                         C                                       D
10. Sheep must have mate in fall since the young were born in early spring last year.
         A                  B                    C                         D



Berikut ini adalah beberapa MODAL dalam bahasa Inggris, dimana MODAL ini wajib bagi teman-teman untuk hafalkan.

Penggunaan MODAL dalam kaliamat positif dan negatif, berikut adalah rumusnya :

* Perlu teman-teman diingat bahwa untuk mengetahui bahwa itu kalimat negatif yaitu jika pada kalimat itu terdapat kata NOT.

Dalam menjawab soal yang berkaitan dengan MODAL AUXILIARIES, disini saya akan memberikan kata kuncinya agar teman-teman bisa menjawabnya. Berikut adalah kata kuncinya :
1. Jika modal must diikuti dengan kata have dan dalam suatu pertanyaan tersebut terdapat kata atau keterangan yang berhubugan dengan waktu lampau, misalnya past, ago, last dan anggka yang menunjukkan tahun misal 1999, maka disni menggunakan rumus MUST + HAVE + V3
   Contoh :

2. Jika modal must diikuti dengan oleh be dan -ing dan dalam suatu pertanyaan terdapat kata yang berhubungan dengan peritiwa sekarang seperti now, at the moment dan at present. maka disini menggunakan rumus MUST + BE + V ING
    Contoh :

Contoh Soal

Contoh Soal Unit 1

Exercise Unit 1

A. Choose the Correct Answer
1. The jaw structure of a snake permits it to eat and digest animals much larger than ...

    a. it     b. its     c. itself     d. it has
2. Sports medicine experts agree that ice should be applied immediately when an athlete suffers an injury to       ... leg
    a. its     b. an     c. the     d. his
3. The policemen ordered the suspect not to remove ... from the hood of the car
    a. their hands     b. his hands     c. them hands     d. him hands
4. The company has so little money that ... cannot hardly operate anymore
    a. it     b. their     c. its     d. they
5. His father does not approve of ... to the banquet without dressing formally
    a. his going     b. him to go     c. he goes     d. him going

B. Choose the letter of the underlined word that is not correct

  1. (AAccording to the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Construction, (Bno person should be (Ccompelled to be a witness against (Dhim own.
  2. According to the theory of natural selection, the man who was able to use (Athe hand and feet most (Cfreely to walk and grasp was the one (Dwho survived and envolved.
  3.  Although Barney Clark lived only (Aa few months with that artificial heart, doctors were able (Bto learn a great deal from (Chim having (Dused it.
  4. According to Amazon legends, men (Awere forced (Bto do all of the household tasks for the women    warriors (Cwho governed and protected the cities (Dfor they.
  5. After she (Ahad bought (Bhimself a new automobile, (Cshe sold (Dher bicycle.
  6. (ABefore my parents (Bwent home, (Cshe had bought (Dme some food.
  7. Peter and Tom (Aplay tennis (Bevery morning (Cwith Marry and (DI.
  8. A mosquito’s (Awings move about one hundred (Btimes per second. (CThem wing movement is the sound we hear when a mosquito is (Dhumming in our ears.
  9. If it is (Akept dry, a seed (Bcan still sprout (Cup to forty years after (Dtheir formation.
  10. Because Sam and Michelle (Ahad done all of the work (Btheirselves, they were (Cunwilling to give the (Dresults to Joan.
Jika, teman-teman menginginkan jawaban silakan joint terlebih dahulu blog ini lalu teman-teman kirim email untuk permintaan jawaban. Silahkan kirim email


Peluang Bisnis PayTren


Susunan dalam kalimat bhs. Inggris sama dengan susunan kalimat bhs. Indonesia, tapi hanya penyebutan aja yang berbeda. Jika dalam bhs. Indonesia susunan kalimat S (subyek) - P (predikat) - O (obyek), sedangkan pada kalimat bhs. Inggris susunan kalimatnya S (subyek) - V (verb) - O (obyek).
Dalam unit I ini kita akan belajar tentang kata ganti subyek atau kepemilikan dan teman-teman wajib menghafalkan semua kata ganti di bawah ini. Berikut tabel daftar kata subyek atau kepemilikan :

Example :
  1. Subject : I love you
  2. Object  : You love me
  3. Pos.Adj : You are my love
  4. Pos. Pron : You are mine
  5. Ref.Pron : For me, you are more important than my self
  • Possessive : itu berkaitan dengan kepemilikan
  • Pos. Adjective : merupakan kata ganti kepemilikan yang jelas. Dalam artian yang dimiliki itu jelas apa yang dimilikinya, seperti contoh di atas yaitu yang dimiliki adalah cinta.
  • Pos. Pronoun : merupakan kata ganti kepemilikan yang tidak jelas. Dalam artian yang dimiliki itu tidak jelas apa.
  • Pada saat akan menjawab soal pilihan ganda yang perlu diperhatikan dalam hal ini adalah carilah subjek yang terdekat dengan titik-titik (....) untuk dijadikan kata kunci untuk menjawab pertanyaan.
  • Jika terdapat kata Than dalam sebuah soal, bahwa kata tersebut berkaitan dengan Reflexive Pronoun jadi carilah jawaban yang termasuk ke dalam Reflexive Pronoun.
  • Dalam possessive adjective itu terkadang bergandengan dengan noun/V ing, jadi pos. adjective + Noun / V ing dan ini biasa muncul pada pertanyaan pilihan ganda.


Peluang Bisnis PayTren
Hay... Bagi teman-teman yang masih duduk dibangku perkuliahan pastinya tidak asing dengan singkatan TEP. Yups, TEP itu merupakan singkatan dari Test of English Proficiency, dimana TEP digunakan untuk menguji kemampuan kita dalam bhs. Inggris. Selain itu juga TEP digunakan sebagai syarat kelulusan S1, S2, dan S3. Setiap perguruan tinggi mempunyai nilai standart kelulusan TEP yang berbeda. TEP terdiri dari tiga bagian yaitu reading, structure, dan listening.
Di blog ini saya akan berbagi ilmu tentang bagaimana kita bisa mengerjakan TEP nantinya tapi dengan satu syarat teman-teman tetap harus rajin belajar. Hahahahaha... Ok, tanpa basa-basi langsung saja saya mulai berbagi ilmu. Semoga ini bisa bermanfaat bagi teman-teman yang membutuhkannya.

2. Reading Comprehension
3. Listening Comprehension

Peluang Bisnis PayTren