Contoh Soal Unit 2

A. Choose the correct answer!
1. The theory of Continental Drift assumes that ... there long term climatic changes in many areas during the past.
a. must have been   c. must be
b. must have           d. must
2. The general public ... a large number of computers now, because prices are beginning to decrease
a. must buy                  c. must be buying
b. must have bought     d. must buying
3. A fish must constantly ... water in order to keep a current flowing through its delicate gills.
a. gulp          c. gulps
b. gulping     d. to gulp
4. The prices of homes are so high in urban areas that most young people cannot ... to buy.
a. to afford       c. affording
b. affords         d. afford
5. The great apes, a generally peaceful species, ... in groups.
a. would rather living              c. would rather live
b. would rather they live         d. would rather lived

B. Choose the letter of the underlined word that is not correct.
1. Because doctors are treating more people for skin cancer, it is widely believed that changes in
                                     A                                                                       B                 C
the protective layers of the earth's atmosphere must produced harmful effects.
2. Sagebrush flourishes in the dry soil of the western plains, where many other plants cannot
                            A               B                                                         C                      
3. People would rather to hear the positive things being talked about than the negatives.
        A                          B                           C                                                 D
4. Some astronomers contend that in ancient times, the Big Horn Medicine Wheel,
an arrangement of tones in Wyoming, must have serve as sighting points for observations of the
                                             B                        C               D
5. The Amish People, descended from the German and Swiss, would rather using horses than
                                                                                                                 A                B
machines for transportation and farm work because they believe that a simple life keeps them
closer to God.
6. In today's competitive markets, even small businesses had better to advertise on TV and radio in
            A                                                                                            B                            C
order togain a share of the market.
7. Some plants produce irritating poisons that can affecting a person even if he or she merely
                             A                                              B                        C
 brushes againts them.
8. India must not treated the Eurozone crisis lightly, even though the crisis may appear to be
                          A                                        B                                                            
 playing out at distance.
     C                    D
9. There are certain things you should not shared on social networks for your own safety.
              A                        B                         C                                       D
10. Sheep must have mate in fall since the young were born in early spring last year.
         A                  B                    C                         D



Berikut ini adalah beberapa MODAL dalam bahasa Inggris, dimana MODAL ini wajib bagi teman-teman untuk hafalkan.

Penggunaan MODAL dalam kaliamat positif dan negatif, berikut adalah rumusnya :

* Perlu teman-teman diingat bahwa untuk mengetahui bahwa itu kalimat negatif yaitu jika pada kalimat itu terdapat kata NOT.

Dalam menjawab soal yang berkaitan dengan MODAL AUXILIARIES, disini saya akan memberikan kata kuncinya agar teman-teman bisa menjawabnya. Berikut adalah kata kuncinya :
1. Jika modal must diikuti dengan kata have dan dalam suatu pertanyaan tersebut terdapat kata atau keterangan yang berhubugan dengan waktu lampau, misalnya past, ago, last dan anggka yang menunjukkan tahun misal 1999, maka disni menggunakan rumus MUST + HAVE + V3
   Contoh :

2. Jika modal must diikuti dengan oleh be dan -ing dan dalam suatu pertanyaan terdapat kata yang berhubungan dengan peritiwa sekarang seperti now, at the moment dan at present. maka disini menggunakan rumus MUST + BE + V ING
    Contoh :

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